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Lecture on “Successful New Century Vs. Sustainable Development and Contribution of Women Scientist

Farewell Meeting

B.Sc. Chemistry Honours Students

Chemistry Laboratory

Field Trip to PHED Nagaon

Field Trip to RARS Nagaon


IYPT 2019 Special Lecture Programme


Everything one does is Chemistry.Our bodies are made up or chemicals, chemical reaction occurs even when one breathes, eats, sits or even sleeps. The changes that one can observe in our physical world are triggered by chemical reactions. Chemistry uses several complimentary disciplines as well, such as technology and mathematics, to carry out its functions with the ultimate aim of enhancing quality or life by expanding knowledge of and access to various physical and biological resources. Studying Chemistry provides the students with numerous opportunities of employment and research. This newly established Department provides its students with all necessary facilities, including dedicated classrooms for honours classes,two well-equipped and state-of-the-art laboratory with all necessary equipment, dedicated space for galvanometer and dark rooms etc. Apart from regular curriculum-based teaching, the students are constantly provided with exposure to recent trends and developments in the subject. The Department frequently organizes group discussions, seminars and invited talks for the benefit of its students.