Nowgong Girls' College

Principal's Message

Welcome to the official website of Nowgong Girls’ College, an institution with a long history of promoting educational excellence, creativity and human values among the girl students of central Assam and beyond. We are driven by the aphorism from the Aitareya Brahmana, ‘Charaiveti.. Charaiveti’ which means, March on.. March on. And this remain the core value of NGCians where the faculty and students strive to give their best to the curricular, co- curricular and extra-curricular activities year after year.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to share an insight into what your life will be like studying at Nowgong Girls' College. I thank you for your interest in this exceptional institution which has a proud legacy of 60 years of constant development, in the course of which it has accomplished much, making it one of the colleges recognized for its pioneering role and excellence in imparting higher education to the girl child.

Today, Nowgong Girls' College runs 18 departments under the Faculties of Arts and Science. Our highly qualified, dedicated, dynamic and hard-working faculty and non-teaching staff are constantly striving to guide and motivate our students to enable them to achieve their dreams, goals, aims and aspirations.

The symbiotic relationship between the faculty and students makes the spirit of Nowgong Girls’ College unique and democratic. The Institution strives to provide a stimulating active learning environment attracting young women with exceptional desire to make a difference to the world. NGC is an institution that makes great effort to provide quality education for its present students and to instil a sense of pride and belongingness among thousands of its alumnae through its various activities.

Nowgong Girls’ College has always focused on the journey of the individual student and the celebration of her unique strengths and talents. The College is committed to the values of providing excellence in education for generations of women who aspire for the stars. These precious stars remain the core essence of NGC, and our dedicated faculty provides works day in and day out to provide them with the best in teaching - learning tradition while meandering through the curriculum in the faculties of arts and sciences. Mentoring remains the cornerstone of the teaching - learning experience in NGC. This Institute has done its best to enrich the prescribed syllabus of the Gauhati University by introducing need-based add-on courses to ensure that the precious girl child remains equipped and updated to face the upcoming challenges of her life.
It is through organising a myriad of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that the College tries to bring out the hidden talents of each student. Students are encouraged to participate in such activities and hone their talents through interaction with leading experts, academicians, practitioners, and a plethora of government, non-government and international bodies.

Nowgong Girls’ College has been accredited at A Grade by the NAAC in its 2nd cycle in the year 2015. The College does not rest on its laurels and constantly strives for new heights and we are gearing up to face the 3rd cycle of accreditation during this academic year. I take this opportunity to appeal to each and every one of you to come and be a part of this journey towards achieving excellence and help us attain the noble goal of ensuring the very best for our students.

Dr.Balin Kumar Bhuyan