Nowgong Girls' College

Bohemian Souls

The Bohemian Souls is the drama and theatre club in the College. It has played a pivotal role in finding out the inborn artistic talents among students and nurturing to its fullness. It is one of the several active and vibrant clubs in the College and consists of faculty members and students along with number of eminent personalities from the field of drama and theatre. Drama club organizes different activities and events for students and the public.

The Bohemian Souls of NGC consists of the following members:

1. Dr. Balin Kumar Bhyuan, Principal (Chairman)
2. Dr. Mridula Kashyap, Assistant Professor (Convener)
3. Dr. Neetu Kumari Gupta, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
4. Recho Benjamin Terron, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
5. Piklee Buragohain, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
6. Prachurjya Borah, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
7. Snigdha Mahanta, (Student Member)
8. Rimbika Tokbipi, (Student Member)
9. Barnali Debnath, (Student Member)