Nowgong Girls' College

Photography Club

The NGC Photography Club was started to provide guidance and impart knowledge to budding photographers and to those who have photography in their dream. The club comprises of students who want to capture and create beauty. It aims to create the opportunities for every student to discover the artist within themselves and also gives them the platform to paint their dreams into reality.

The NGC Photography Club consists of the following members:

1. Dr. Biswajit Das, Associate Professor (Coordinator)
2. Dr. Smarajit Ojah, Assistant Professor (Co-coordinator)
3. Dr. Bibhash Deka, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
4. Dr. Bhargab Deka, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
5. Dr. Zinamoni Sandilya, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
6. Recho Benjamin Teron, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
6. Dipankar Mohan, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
7. Neeraj Borah, Assistant Professor, Contractual (Member)