Nowgong Girls' College


Blanket distribution

Blanket distribution

Bihu Dance

Bihu Dance performed in Janagosthiya Loka Nrityanusthan

Janagosthiya Loka Nrityanusthan

Karbi Folk Dance

Janagosthiya Loka Nrityanusthan

Collaboration with Tiwa Mathonlai Tokhra

Literary Forum

A Program organized by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.


National seminar on Twenty First Century's Assamese Literature organized by Department of Assamese of Nowgong Girls' College.

Student of the Department participated in a Cultural Rally

Wall Magazine of the Department

A Proud moment of the Department

Delivered a lecture on Textual Criticism


Assamese is the largest spoken language in Assam and also functions as the lingua franca among the diverse communities in many states of Northeast India. The study of Assamese provides the students with the required qualification to engage themselves in areas such as the fast growing Assamese publishing industry as editors, proof readers, translators, media and journalism, research and academics.
The Department of Assamese has been relentlessly encouraging the study and cultivation of Assamese literature, language and culture exposing students to the latest developments in the field concerned. The Department boasts of many established writers as their faculties and has a successful history of being the nurturing ground of many talented students who are doing exceedingly well in their respective fields. The Department regularly publishes a handwritten magazine titled 'Xubaxh'.


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