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ICHR sponsored National Seminar

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National Seminar

ICHR sponsored National Seminar titled Role of Women in North-East India in the Freedom Movement: Some Untold Stories held on 21st & 22nd March, 2023


Workshop conducted by Department

Clock Tower

Clock Tower, Nowgong Girls' College

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Programme Conducted by Department

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Departmental Freshers 2021-22

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The knowledge about our being, our existence and our position, i.e. where we can locate ourselves in the world can be obtained through the study of History, which also gives opportunity to revisit the past and see how the past leaves a footprint on our present. The study of History cannot be confined to the mere reading of dates and facts but history can also be read as text. The study of History in the undergraduate level builds the foundation for many prospective career options. History is pertinent in the studies of Archaeology, Tourism, Museology and different competitive examinations. The environment of the Department is enlivened by the active engagement of the students and teachers in various activities not merely limited to the curriculum. The Department frequently organises national seminars and lecture programmes foregrounding different aspects of historical learning.


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