Nowgong Girls' College



Indic .Sanskrata' Europeanised as Sanskrit holds a very important place in Indo-European linguistic studies. Apart from being the repository of Indian wisdom, Sanskrit is said to be one of the best suited language for computers because of its perspicuity. A student of Sanskrit can venture into diverse fields such as creative writing, teaching, research and civil services. The Department of Sanskrit encourages the students to take part in various multi-disciplinary and vocational programmes to keep up with the demands of the job market today. The significance of the subject cannot be limited only to the culture and academics but goes beyond to incorporate concepts such as Yoga, Veda, Vaastu Shastra, Astrology and Ayurveda. Recently a few students of the department through their achievement in music and drama were able to bring laurels to the department.


 1.Dr. Mira Baruah (HOD)- 9531088959, 2.Rashmi Deka-9435569313, Dr. Mitali Goswami-8876049882

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