Nowgong Girls' College


There are two full-fledged hostels of Nowgong Girls’ College

a. Swahid Bhogeswari Phukononi (SBP) Girls’ Hostel
b. Padmawati Devi Phukononi (PDP) Girls’ Hostel

Both hostel aims to provide a convenient and a comfortable stay for the outstation students. Both hostels are managed by two separate wardens and overseen by a Principal-appointed Hostel Management Committee. It’s the continuous effort of the wardens and the management committee to give the students a home away from home and make their stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

The hostels are meant to minimize the cost in terms of time so that the hostel residents can use the same for other significant purposes. The girls’ hostels also satisfy the vital objective of ensuring safety of their residents.