Nowgong Girls' College

Cine Society

The NGC Cine Society screens a rich fare of meaningful and entertaining films from across the state, country and world. It organizes regular screenings of multi-lingual and multi-genre mainstream, parallel cinema and documentaries. Stress is given to screen and discuss upon cinema which is related to the course. The Screening of eclectic variety of movies from world cinema are followed by intense discussion sessions.

The Cine Society consists of the following members:

1. Dr. Balin Kumar Bhyuan, Principal (President)
2. Ranjit Barua, Coordinator, IQAC (Vice-President)
3. Dr. Biswajit Das, Associate Professor (Vice-President)
4. Binod Goswami, Assistant Professor (Secretary)
5. Dr. Mridula Kashyap, Assistant Professor (Assistant Secretary)
6. Dr. Smarjit Ojah, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
7. Dr. Bhargab Deka, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
8. Dr. Pankaj Kalita, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
9. Recho Benjamin Terron, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
10. Prachurjya Borah, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)