Nowgong Girls' College

Electoral Literacy Club

Electoral Literacy Club of Nowgong Girls' College has been formed with the following faculty members and student representatives for the session 2022-23:

1. Deepak Sarma (Convener), Associate Professor
2. Rup Ranjan Das (District Administrative Representative)
, Assistant Electoral Registration Officer, Nagaon Sadar Constituency
3. Ranjit Barua, Coordinator, IQAC
4. Ranjana Borah, Associate Professor (Faculty Member)
5. Rosy Deka, Associate Professor (Faculty Member)
6. Dr. Amiya Patar, Convener, Extension and Outreach Activity Cell
7. Sankar Jyoti Bora, Assistant Professor, (Faculty Member)
8. Rima Mech, President, NGCSU (Student Member)
9. Trishnamoni Ligira, Vice President, NGCSU (Student Member)
10. Porismita Sharma, (Coordinator) , General Secretary, NGCSU (Student Member)