Nowgong Girls' College

Youth Red Cross

The Youth Red Cross is one of the most active section of this society. It gives opportunity to lakhs of students all over India to be associated with the activities like building up the international fraternity of the youth, thus promoting the international friendliness, understanding and the cooperation. YRC in Nowgong Girls’ College is one of the major boulevard among the International and Indian Red Cross Society which stands as a platform for the welfare of students' personality and character development. The YRC of the College has a total volunteer strength of 50 members (students) and 5 life members (faculty members).

1. Dr. Nazneen Akhtar, Assistant Professor (Life Member & Coordinator)
2. Dr. Amit Kumar Roychoudhury, Assistant Professor (Life Member & Coordinator)
3. Dr. Amiya Patar, Associate Professor (Life Member)
4. Ranjit Barua, Assistant Professor (Life Member)
5. Dr. Smarajit Ojah, Assistant Professor (Life Member)