Nowgong Girls' College

The Campus

When you join Nowgong Girls' College as a student, you'll have constant opportunities to enjoy, discover and explore this scenic campus located on the bank of the historic Kolong River. Spread over an area or 4.3 acres away from the din and bustle of the city, our picturesque campus provides an ideal ambience for academic pursuance. You'll have daily access to resources like libraries, hostels, reading rooms, computer labs as well as facilities for music, drama, arts and sports. We have made significant investments for infrastructural development of our College to ensure you have easy access to all facilities and resources needed for your studies and overall growth. We also offer different methods of study to suit your individual circumstances and to add value to your learning experience.

We have state of the art facilities such as ICT Classrooms, Computer Centre, Indoor Stadium, College Canteen, WiFi Campus, Girls' CommonRoom, DigitalConference Hall for holistic development of the students.

Being a student of Nowgong Girls' College is not only an enriching experience from an academic perspective; you'll also become part of a diverse and active student community with countless ways to get involved, meet like-minded people and develop new skills for the future.With many activities to get involved in, ranging from art, culture, drama, sports, to different platforms like the Cine Society, Red Ribbon Club, NGC Green Crops, NGC Nature Club, NGC Photography Club, NGC Bohemian Souls, you are bound to find other students who share your passions.