Nowgong Girls' College


  1. All powers of maintaining discipline are vested with the Principal and his/her decision shall be final in all such matters.
  2. Students must maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the college premises.
  3. No society or association of the students can be formed without the permission of the Principal.
  4. Law prohibits ragging. Any student found guilty will face disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the college.
  5. Student must attend classes regularly. Absentees must submit leave application duly signed by Parents / Guardians / Hostel Warden next day itself to the Principal forwarded by the respective Heads of the Departments.
  6. No person can be invited to address or entertain the students without the prior permission of the Principal.
  7. The College reserves the right to expel any student at any time for any activity deemed to be misconduct or contrary to the ideals of the institution.
  8. The Principal reserves the right to remove the name of any student from the register for her failure to pay the college dues in time and I or her failure to attend the required number of classes.
  9. Students are required to read the notices put on the Notice Board. The college shall not be responsible for any damage or loss suffered by any student for her failure to read the notices in time.
  10. Students should be perfectly reasonable in using electric lights and fans. They should switch off the lights and the fans while leaving the rooms.
  11. Any student found guilty of tampering I damaging the fixtures, equipment’s furniture, books, buildings and such other things of the college shall be punished and liable to be expelled from the institution.
  12. The students are bound to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the college authority from time to time.