Nowgong Girls' College

General Rules and Regulations

The students of Nowgong Girls' College are required to obey the following rules and regulations-

1. No student shall be admitted to any programme of study, if she is found to have indulged in activities detrimental to academic interests.
2. No student shall be admitted to more than one course.
3. A student who is found to violet the College rules shall be liable for expulsion.
4. If a student's involvement in any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authorities, such a student would be given an opportunity to explain, and if her explanation is not found satisfactory, the student will be expelled from the college.
5. A student who is found to have indulged in substance abused and other unsocial activities shall be liable to expulsion.
6. Students admitted to various courses of studies are required to participate in the Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities organised by department or by the college.
7. Students are expected to appear in the examination due at the end of the course of studies. students who failed to do so without assigning sufficient reasons to the satisfactions of the competent authority shall not be permitted to continue their studies in the following year.
8. Attendance in class is compulsory. To be eligible to sit for the final examinations as a regular candidate, the student should have at least 75% of attendance in the classes.
9. Each academic session will run as per the Academic Calendar published by the college.
10. The admission will be granted in accordance with the provision made in the policy on admission of students to various programmes of NGC.
11. The student Shall have to comply with the regulations for the course, and other rules and orders as may be prescribed by the college authorities from time to time.
12. The decision of competent/ appropriate bodies like the Academic Council, IQAC, all statutory bodies and cells etc. on all matters relating to students\' indiscipline shall be final and binding.