Nowgong Girls' College

Project Monitoring Unit

In the present-day context, Colleges have to undertake a myriad of complex nature of developmental activities and projects. Policy, planning, and monitoring the activities and progress of such organizations assumes great importance. This crucial role needs special and continued focus. In view of this need, Nowgong Girls’ College has set up a Project Monitoring Cell (PMU), which is mandated to monitor the implementation of the various projects and plans and to work in close coordination with the Principal on planning, execution and monitoring of developmental projects funded under various State and Central Government schemes.

The PMU for the period 2022-24 consists of the following members -

1. Dr. Kulen Chandra Das, Principal (Chairperson)
2. Ranjit Barua, Coordinator, IQAC & Assistant Professor (Member)
3. Dr. Amiya Patar, Associate Professor (Member)
4. Munin Bora, Assistant Professor (Member)
5. Dr. Uday Bhan Bhagat, Assistant Professor (Member)
6. Dr. Smarajit Ojah, Assistant Professor & Coordinator, RUSA (Member)
7. Dr. Kishore Kumar Sarmah, Librarian (Member)
8. Tirtha Jyoti Uzir, Head Assistant (Member)
9. President, NGCSU
10. General Secretary, NGCSU