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ID Title View File
11.1 Declaration regarding year wise number of studentsView File
21.1 Number of students during the session 2017-18View File
31.1 Number of students during the session 2018-19View File
41.1 Number of students during the session 2019-20View File
51.1 Number of students during the session 2020-21View File
61.1 Number of students during the session 2021-22View File
72.1 Number of full time teachers without repeat count during last five yearsView File
82.2 Declaration regarding number of full time teachers year wiseView File
92.2 Number of full time teachers year wise during last five yearsView File
103.1 Statement of expenditure excluding salaryView File
113.1 Audited statement of Accounts for the last five yearsView File

Id Title View File
11.2.1 Number of Add on/ Certificate/ Value added Programmes During last five years (without repeat count)View File
21.2.2 Declaration of Principal regarding Certificate/Add on/ Value added ProgrammesView File
31.2.2 Sample Certificates for each Programme year wiseView File
41.3.2 Percentage of students undertaking project work/field work/ internships (Data for the latest completed academic year)View File
51.4.1 Students Feedback on Academic Performance and AmbienceView File
61.4.1 Teachers FeedbackView File
71.4.1 Employers FeedbackView File
81.4.1 Alumna FeedbackView File
91.4.1 Parents/ Guardians FeedbackView File

Id Title View File
12.1.1 Principal Certified Copy of Enrolment and Sanctioned seatsView File
22.1.1 University Certified Statement of EnrolmentView File
32.1.1 Approved Admission List for the Session 2017-18View File
42.1.1 Approved Admission List for the Session 2018-19View File
52.1.1 Approved Admission List for the Session 2019-20View File
62.1.1 Approved Admission List for the Session 2020-21View File
72.1.1 Approved Admission List for the Session 2021-22View File
82.1.1 Notification for Sanction of SeatsView File
92.1.1 Declaration of Principal on BA seatsView File
102.1.1 Declaration of Principal on Readjustment of SeatsView File
112.1.2 Declaration of Principal regarding Other categoryView File
122.1.2 Government Notification on Reservation of Seats for AdmissionView File
132.1.2 Admission Extract OBCView File
142.1.2 Admission Extract SCView File
152.1.2 Admission Extract STView File
162.2.1 Declaration on Student EnrolmentView File
172.2.1 List of Enrolled StudentsView File
182.2.1 List of Full Time Teachers with Their DepartmentsView File
192.4.1 Appointment Letters of Contractual Teachers of Academic Year 2022-23View File
202.4.2 Declaration of Principal regarding Full Time Teachers with NET/SET/SLET/PhDView File
212.6.2 Result of Fresh Final Year Appeared StudentsView File

Id Title View File
13.1.1 Declaration of Principal regarding Teachers conducting Research ProjectsView File
23.1.1 Sanction Letters and Utilization Certificates of Projects under Tiwa Autonomous CouncilView File
33.1.1 Sanction Letter and Utilization Certificate of Project under Tiwa Bhasha Kala Kristi Bikash KendraView File
43.1.1 Sanction Letters and Utilization Certificates of Projects funded by the InstitutionView File
53.2.2 Declaration of Principal regarding Workshops/Seminars/Conferences ConductedView File
63.2.2 Activity Report pertaining to Research MethodologyView File
73.2.2 Activity Report pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)View File
83.2.2 Activity Report pertaining to EntrepreneurshipView File
93.3.2 Declaration of PrincipalView File
103.3.2 Book/Chapter PublicationsView File
113.4.3 Declaration of Principal on Number of Extension and Outreach Porgrammes conductedView File
123.4.3 List of Extension and Outreach ProgramsView File
133.4.3 Session wise Extension and Outreach Activity ReportView File
143.4.3 Schemes of the Institution for Extension and Outreach ActivitiesView File
153.5.1 List of Functional MOUsView File
163.5.1 Activity Report conducted under MOUsView File

Id Title View File
14.1.2 Audit Reports from 2017-18 to 2021-22View File
24.3.2 Declaration regrading Computers for Use by StudentsView File
34.3.2 Relevant Bills of Computer PurchaseView File
44.3.2 Stock RegisterView File
54.4.1 Audit ReportView File

Id Title View File
15.1.1 Declaration of Principal for Scholarships & FreeshipsView File
25.1.1 Details of Receipt of Scholarship and Freeship SchemesView File
35.1.2 Declaration of Principal regarding Soft Skills and Language and Communication SkillsView File
45.1.2 Activity Report- Soft SkillsView File
55.1.2 Activity Report- Language and Communication SkillsView File
65.1.3 Declaration of the Principal regarding Organisation of Competitive Examinations and Career Counselling Programmes for the Benefit of StudentsView File
75.1.3 List of Competitive Examinations and Career Counselling Programmes organised by the HEIView File
85.1.3 Activity Reports on Competitive Examinations and Career Counselling ProgrammesView File
95.1.4 Declaration of Principal regarding Committees/Cells related to Student GrievancesView File
105.1.4 Notifications for Formation of Grievance Redressal CellView File
115.1.4 Notifications for Formation of Internal Complaints CommitteeView File
125.1.4 Notifications for Formation of OBC CellView File
135.1.4 Notifications for Formation of Minority CellView File
145.1.4 Notifications for Formation of SC-ST CellView File
155.1.4 Notifications for Formation of Anti-Ragging CellView File
165.1.4 Notifications for Formation of RTI CellView File
175.1.4 Links to various committees for addressing student grievances in the College websiteView File
185.1.4 Anti-Ragging UndertakingView File
195.1.4 Mechanism of Grievance RedressalView File
205.1.4 Photographs of Offline Grievance Submission FacilityView File
215.1.4 Reports of Awareness Programs ConductedView File
225.1.4 Anti-Ragging AwarenessView File
235.2.1 Principal Signed Excel Sheet Copy showing Student ProgressionView File
245.2.1 Records of Proof of Student ProgressionView File
255.2.2 Declaration of Principal regarding number of Qualifying StudentsView File
265.2.2 Documents of Qualifying StudentsView File
275.3.2 Declaration of Principal regarding Number of Sports and Cultural Programmes OrganisedView File
285.3.2 Session-wise List of Sports and Cultural ProgrammesView File

Id Title View File
16.3.2 Policy DocumentView File
26.3.2 Letter from PrincipalView File
36.3.2 List of Teachers receiving Financial AssistanceView File
46.3.2 Receipts of Financial AssistanceView File
56.3.2 Audit ReportView File

Sl No. Title View File
17.1.3 Invitation Letters to External Experts for Conducting AuditView File
27.1.3 Invoices and Statement of ExpenditureView File
37.1.3 Payments made to External ExpertsView File
47.1.3 Green Audit Report 2020-21View File