Nowgong Girls' College


The College Insignia reflects the untiring efforts of the Institution to spread the light of knowledge in the society. CHARAIVETI CHARAIVETI (चरैवेति चरैवेति) – Move on, Move on, an aphorism from the Aitareya Brahmana, is our guiding spirit.

An insignia a derivative from the Latin insignia, plural of insigne, is an official sign or mark that shows that provides a unique identity to a particular institution, organization or group. Insignias can be a powerful tool because it grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, is the foundation of the identity, is memorable, separates an institution, organisation or group from the competition and fosters loyalty among people associated with that particular institution or organisation or group.

The Insignia of Nowgong Girls’ College is circular and represented by two colours – Blue and White. The external concentric circle is represented in Blue while the internal concentric circle is in White colour.

The outer Blue circle incorporates 2 elements while the inner white circleincorporates 3 elements –

1. Outer Blue Circle –

a. At the top periphery of the external blue circle, the name of the Institution, i.e. Nowgong Girls’ College is enshrined in bold white fonts with a navy blue background

b. At the bottom periphery, location of the Institution, i.e. Nagaon, Assam is mentioned in bold white fonts with a navy blue background; where Nagaon is the district and Assam is the state. Earlier, the name of the district was spelt as Nowgong, and it was the way the name of the district was spelt previously and which was changed to Nagaon. Following this move, this change was incorporated in to the logo and the spelling of Nowgong was changed to Nagaon in the year 2017.

2. Inner White Circle -

a. The central portion of the inner white circle is represented by a light earthen lamp which is shown to be radiating light all around; and an open book is placed just below the earthen lamp. This literally symbolizes an open book radiating knowledge among everyone who reads it; just as a lit earthen lamp spreads light all around it.

b. Above this, the words, CHARAIVETI CHARAIVETI (चरैवेतिचरैवेति) – which means ‘Move on, Move on’ an aphorism from the Aitareya Brahmana, is enshrined in the Insignia.

c. The words, ‘Estd. 1962’ represents the year of founding of the institution.

The insignia of Nowgong Girls’ College was conceived and designed to communicate the Institution’s ideology on education to the girl student community. It nurtures the Institution’s spirit.For the faculty, management, students and alumnae, the Insignia of the Institution doesn’t end with the formal ending of association; rather, theInsignia has remained as an identity and a symbol of pride for all of themand has stayed with them for the rest of their lives.