Nowgong Girls' College

ICG Cell

The College accords high priority to the counselling process, given the fact that nearly 50% students come from outside the district and are boarders, many students are first generation learners and the full range of diversity exists within the college community, be it in terms of differing socio-economic and educational backgrounds, differing ethnicities, cultures, religious affiliations, or student's abilities. In this regard, the Integrated Carer Counselling Cell of the College takes the lead in arranging the induction and admission counselling sessions, career and other psycho-social sessions as and when needed.

The Information and Career Guidance (IGC) Cell consists of the following members:

1. Sri Binod Goswami, Assistant Professor (Coordinator)
2. Dr. Narayan Nayak, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
3. Dr. Amit Roychodhury, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
4. Dr. Bibhash Deka, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
5. Dr. Pankaj Kalita, Assistant Professor (Faculty Member)
6. Ankita Boro, Secretary, Social Services, NGCSU (Student Member)