Nowgong Girls' College


1. General Profile

Date of Establishment: - 17th August, 2017
Name of the Centre in Charge :- Dr. Balin Kumar Bhuyan, Principal, Nowgong Girls’ College.
Name of the Coordinator :- Rashmi Deka, Assistant Professor, Sanskrit, Nowgong Girls’ College.
Name of the Appointed Teacher: - Tapon Rajbongshi

About Sanskrit Language: Sanskrit language is the unparalleled treasure of Indian wisdom and culture. The resources preserved in this language are vast and manifold. A large number of Indians desire to learn Sanskrit in order to preserve and project original Indianans. It is essential to fulfil their desire by providing the knowledge of Sanskrit language through the simplest possible method and to make them aware of the knowledge well treasured in Sanskrit. In order to execute this ideal and essential objectives by providing the opportunity and facility to those who are desirous to learn Sanskrit, Central Sanskrit University has introduced Non-Formal Sanskrit Education.
About The University: The Course of Non Formal Sanskrit Education is offered by the Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi. It has the unique distinction of being the largest and the only multi-campus language university in the world. The Central Sanskrit University also has the privilege of acting as the nodal agency for the implementation of Sanskrit related policies & schemes of the Government of India. In that capacity, the university works in close coordination with the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

2. Objectives

• Sanskrit is a Scientific Language. There are so many treatises related to Agriculture, Arts, Literature, Science, Philosophy, Management, Technology, Ayurveda, Law etc. are well preserved in Sanskrit.
• One can access the scientific knowledge inherited in Sanskrit literature by learning the language through direct communicative method at Non Formal Sanskrit Education Centre.

3. Aims

• To initiate Sanskrit learning.
• To introduce the Science and literature in Sanskrit language.
• To get a working knowledge in illustrious Sanskrit, the Scientific Language of the world.
• This course will provide basic knowledge for higher studies in Sanskrit/Yoga/ Ayurveda/various Distance Education programmes of Central Sanskrit University

4. Eligibility

• Any person desirous of Sanskrit learning is eligible for admission to the "Certificate Course in Sanskrit Language".
• Who have passed the First Course "Certificate Course in Sanskrit Language" conducted by the Central Sanskrit University will be eligible for admission in the Second Course naming "Diploma in Sanskrit Language".

5. Programmes Offered

Currently the following Programmes are ongoing in the Nowgong Girl’s College Study Center
• Certificate Course on Non-Formal education
• Diploma Course on Non-Formal Education

6. Contact Details:

For any query related to Distance Education Programme please contact to:
Rashmi Deka
Coordinator, NFSE , Centre
Nowgong Girls' College
Mobile: 9435569313

Tapon Rajbongshi
Teacher, NFSC,Centre
Nowgong Girls' College
Mobile: 7896601277

For more detail please visit the Central Sanskrit University website